Mid-Week 2 Oxford

I returned from London two days ago, and the feelings this week are different than the last. When I fist got here, I was anxious to go out and see as much as I could, to go to all the museums and landmarks so I wouldn’t miss anything. However, this week is more relaxed. London was constant movement, but here in Oxford I can concentrate on my classes, sit in my room and enjoy the breeze while I do my homework. I still go out and walk around town, but instead of feeling like I’m running out of time, I’m just really happy to be here, literally attending the infamous college of Oxford. So I’m a little sad to be leaving for Paris over the weekend, because of the calmness that I feel in Oxford. I can visit Paris any other time in my life, but when will I be able to stay in Brasenose as a student ever again?

The Radcliffe Camera outside Brasenose
The view from the New Quad

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