International Group- Sooner Jump Start Program

For my Spring semester, I joined SJS, an organization that helps new international students adjust to life in OU and the United States by pairing them up with current OU students, however, pairing isn’t done just throught paper applications. To be paired up, I had to go to a “Mentorship Social” where we got to meet the new students and at the end if we both picked each other, then we would be paired up. I was very nervous at first, I didn’t know if I would be able get a mentee because this semester, there were more mentors than mentees, so when the students started to arrive, the nervousness translated to me being kind of awkward, but before it got worse we started to play games and then I relaxed and everything was fine! Long story short, I was paired up with a really cool Omani student named Maadh. I think I really lucked out in my mentee because we got along really well and attending all the events was always fun! Sadly he was a Phase 2 student, meaning that he is graduating the SJS program and next year I will have to get a different mentee. But we’re still planning on hanging out next semester even though it’s not required anymore!

The Mentorship Social where I was paired up with Maadh
Attending my first official SJS event with my mentee
My mentee, Maadh, graduating from SJS

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